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dpoe (dee·poe)


The History Of the Logo Banner 2023.jpg

In 2007, Jayson began graphic designing on Facebook. In 2010, Jayson began selling t-shirts and created the word DogPhresh. He applied for a dba (doing business as) and purchased the domain In 2011, Jayson began Hosting Events for Young Positive Adults (Team DogPhresh). This included events such as bowling, movies, Cedar Point, get togethers and community service.


In 2012, Jayson purchased the domain This is when the DP Pup was created being known as the Dogphresh mascot. In 2013, he started a Twitter campaign, Fuck All That Doubts which focused on spreading inspiration and positive vibes. This is when #DPOE went viral. In 2015, dpoe turned to fitness creating an entire new apparel line. Jayson purchased the domain and created the official dpoe logo.


Soon after, he created the brand ambassador program. In 2016, Jayson received the trademarks for dpoe and debuted the first ever commercial. In 2018, dpoe launched the initiative to take confidence face to face. Jayson held a series of popup shops, fit camps, and community events worldwide. November 3, 2023, Jayson purchased the domain


dpoe represents

the idea that ANYTHING is Possible.

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