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Our goal is to inspire others to believe in themselves and live without limits.

Know that anything is possible.


We pledge to be unselfish, positive, to give back and go out our way. To be ourselves and not judge others.

In 2011, Jayson Shaw, formed a group called Team Dogphresh. It began with just 6 members with a mutual goal of mentoring and encouraging young adults in the community to be great. The group began Hosting Events for Young Positive Adults.

We Believe

dpoe represents the idea that anything is possible, inspiring people to live limitless. We believe that every person should find comfortability with who they are bringing self-awareness and confidence. We have spent a decade pouring into others and believing in them even when they don't believe in themselves. Creating different opportunities and avenues for people to thrive and excel. An idea created to bring people together with the same mindset and likeness. 

Become a part of something bigger

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