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dpoe sets out to inspire others to achieve their dreams and goals. Those of dpoe is to share that same likeness. Motivated to INSPIRE.


D. Jayson Shaw


Jayson Shaw, founded dpoe on the idea that anything is possible. Jayson started the brand in 2010 and it originated as DogPhresh Graphix, a graphic design company. In 2011, he formed a group called Team DogPhresh. The group began Hosting Events for Young Positive Adults. This included events such as bowling, movies, Cedar Point, get togethers and community service. In 2013 he started a twitter campaign #DogPhreshOverEverything. This hashtag took the world by storm spreading inspiration and positivity. This led to the acronym #dpoe being created.


In 2015 he created the brand ambassador program (teamdpoe) to give people the opportunity to be apart of something bigger than themselves. In 2018, he took the initiative to take dpoe global reach on social media face to face. The team led a series of pop up shops, fit camps and community events to inspire and motivate people to live limitless. Today, dpoe continues to inspire and lead people. Instilling in others that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself. dpoe™ is Jayson's dream and it was made to encourage others to follow their dreams. *no matter what Read More

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The person that holds confidence in themselves;

gains the confidence of others.

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