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WORDS For Improve-ment is a self-motivating game that is created to transpire growth and improvement. The card game is used to share positive and inspiring conversations that open doors to transparency. In the areas of YOU that need a little improve-ment.


Single Player Affirmation: Pick up a card and recite the words that are printed upon it. Ask yourself “how can I improve my ________.” Once you’re ready for your next card, pull another!


Two Player: There are no losers, only a better YOU. Shuffle the deck of cards. Place the deck of cards face down. First, the youngest player pulls a card from the deck and recites the words that are printed upon it out loud. Share an area in your life you feel like you can improve in specifically to the card you pull. At this point the other player can comment on your response and or pull their card from the deck to recite their word!

Words For Improve-ment Deck