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Jan 04, 2018
In Success Stories
After my divorce I said let’s get your life back together, I haven’t looked back. It’s been almost two years since I started my new life of being fit. I won’t look back. There are days I don’t want to gym but I make myself go. There are days I feel fat like I haven’t accomplished anything lol. Choosing to loose weight wasn’t on my priority list. I wanted to LIVE different. I wanted to be able to chase my kids and play tag and not get out of breath. I didn’t say hey I wanna loose 150 some pounds. I woke up and wanted to be different than I was yesterday. Wake up and change your life just WALK and everything else will fall into place. The goal is a new you a new mindset not weight loss. If you’re interested in working out with me follow my trainer @808cannon let’s get toned for summer!!!! If that’s intimidating which IT WAS FOR ME! We can just walk together whatever is more comfortable for you. I can say he’s the best and I’ve never felt more comfortable with a trainer. But message me for details or questions ily! Happy fitting in 2018!
Wake up for change.  content media


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