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I believe with a strong belief in yourself, ANYTHING is possible. NO MATTER WHAT. I spent my entire life living to inspire, creating a life without limits and always chasing my dreams. I was born February 24th, 1989 in Detroit, Michigan and I started my first business when I was 21. This is my story about living within my purpose, and inspiring others to inspire others. I spent 10 years dedicated and determined to creating opportunity and impacting lives I've touched. Finding my confidence at the age of 18, I knew I could do anything with self-belief. I want you to know that all it takes is the belief in yourself. Life is what you make it and do as much AWESOME SHIT as you can while you still have the chance. There is nothing more important in life than finding what makes you happy and living life to its fullest. So start living your life now, change anything that doesn't make you happy, and remove any doubts you may have in yourself because I'm here to let you know with the strong belief in yourself, ANYTHING is possible.

I Exist To Inspire Chapter Shirt